The beginning

It all begins with the figure of Domingo Gil, founder of Gil Artesanía Metálica S.L., who began his professional career in 1955. The beginnings were not easy given the circumstances of the time in Spain, which led him to carry out his first works. on the metal in his own private home. 

Bisuteria artesanal

Growth and recognition

In 1960 he took the next step and created a small workshop located in Vallecas (Madrid) with a staff of only 4 workers but with great enthusiasm and full of innovative ideas. During these years, Gil Artesanía Metálica will lay the foundations of its success and its recognition in the sector.

After a tough start, and thanks to the efforts of Domingo Gil and the collaboration of Loewe, the workshop gained relevance and recognition by the most important firms of the time as a prestigious manufacturer of all kinds of accessories and metal trimmings. 

Since its inception, Gil Artesanía Metálica has been linked above all to the quality of its metal pieces, a characteristic that has identified the company and that still persists today. 

Expansion and improvement

In 1982, due to the great growth experienced, the company had to move to a larger warehouse, settling in what is currently its headquarters. During the early 1980s and 1990s, the client portfolio expanded, but without stopping working with its main partner: Loewe.

Another of the differentiating values ​​of Gil Artesanía Metálica is that it is a family business, which guarantees its continuity. Javier Gil, the second generation, joined the company in 1996. Industrial Engineer, he dedicates his efforts to the search and acquisition of new machinery and technology to continue perfecting the creation of metal accessories and trimmings. In 1998 Javier Gil was appointed Manager of the company. 

Continuity and proximity

In 2002, Gil Artesanía Metálica was created as a Limited Company in which Javier Gil Paredes is Managing Director and Domingo Gil continues to be linked to the company, contributing his long professional experience as President. Currently, the company continues with its national and international expansion but without forgetting its mission to offer a service tailored to the needs of its customers, always maintaining principles of quality and excellence in the manufacture of metal parts. 


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